About my Coding Skills

HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding

Website Front End Skills

I have been coding HTML, CSS for about 15 years (since 1998). I worked for a year and a half doing strictly HTML, CSS and Javascript for Design Firms in Manhattan. The quality of my code was excellent, especially due to my being trained to code the Avenue-A Razorfish style, as well as my understanding of how Website back end coding is done. I am now loving the power and cross-platform functionality of SASS. I am also enjoying HTML5 and CSS3 features that have enhanced and simplified Web Development.

Please note that this website is a Responsive Website. Please check it out on your phone or tablet. Feedback is welcome, as I always endeavor to improve my work.


I have been also coding Javascript for about 15 years (since 1998). I originally used pure JavaScript to manipulate the DOM in Internet Explorer and Netscape. I later used the Prototype and Scriptaculous libraries to have better cross browser code. I have been using jQuery lately for my cross browser Javascript Library.

I have come to love the beauty and power of JavaScript (sorry if this offends you). Recently, there have been major enhancements to Javascript, including server-side Javascript with Node, functional orientation with Underscore.js and the beauty of CoffeeScript. I believe that JavaScript has come of age, and want to work with it.

Ruby on Rails projects

Estimation System

The purpose of the project was so that the customer could generate quotes for their business. The long term objective is to be able to maintain a history of quotes, match the quotes to an actual job, and then be able to use this history to be able to be able to generate better quotes.

I developed a fairly large Ruby on Rails project that is availble for view on github. This application is table driven, so it has a lot of flexibility. This project shows how my coding has progressed over the past two years. Because it is table driven, changes to the configuration cannot be simply deleted, I implenented Deactivation and Reactivation actions to not break items that have used them in the past. I have custom scaffolding and modules to simplify the creation of the many tables.

The estimates are table driven, and involves a fairly complex structure of tables to be able to generate them. All of the tables are user maintainable, such as the tax table by Job Type, Component Type and State. The bare bones version of the site has been put up on Heroku (with dummy configuration data loaded). The source code is available at tws_estimation on github.com.

Davis Bacon Act - Retirement Fund accounting.

In 2006, I created a Ruby on Rails site to manage monthly deposits to a Retirement Fund. This was needed, because the client does federal work, and wanted to place the required pay difference into the employee's retirement fund. The client has continued to using this to this day. This is open sourced, but not publically available at this point.

Other Skills

Database design and SQL coding.

I have been designing and Developing databases for around 20 years. I have used a wide variety of databases, and am quite proficient in SQL (Structured Query Language), normalizing/denormalizing databases, and database conversions (scrubbing data).

Gathering requirements from users.

Though I am not a Business Analyst, I have been using and practicing my communication skills to better develop quality software. Please see Planning and Implementing Websites Process (which is the outline for a presentation I did for Rails Girls Philly)

Test & Behavior Driven Development

After spending a few years in the Ruby on Rails community, I have come to value the importance of developing code in parallel with the tests for them. This helps produce quality code (if the tests are good).

Some of my experiments with sharing my knowledge.